Audits and Proficiency Testing

Empirical Laboratories maintains various State, national and Federal accreditations with management's commitment to ISO 17025, The NELAP Institutes (TNI) 2009 standards, Department of Defense (DoD) Quality Systems Manuals (QSM) versions 4.2/5.0 and other State and regulatory requirements. As part of these accreditations and in the interest of providing quality data, EL participates in semi-annual national proficiency testing programs in the fields of Non-Potable Water (NPW) and Solid and Chemical Materials (SCM). In our most recent years, our proficiency tests (PT) results average 99.0% correct with results in 2015 of 98.7% on WP212, 99.7% on SM105, 100% on UST080 and 100% on HW0415 (8330B). Stay posted for continued excellent results.
two scientists examining environmental data

Empirical Laboratories also performs internal audits of its analytical and quality systems, is annually audited by a third-party auditor for DoD and is bi-annually audited by New Jersey as its primary NELAP State. All audit results and PT exceedences are tracked and addressed using our corrective action report with root-cause analysis in order to improve our processes and better serve our clients. Let us put these efforts to work for you!