Empirical Laboratories

A Message from the Leadership Team


Our track record reflects an uncommon ability to apply our technical skills in value-added ways, and our reputation for dependability and credibility is as important to us as our reputation for accuracy and problem-solving. This approach has been successful for us and is appreciated by our customers. Our laboratory’s culture and emphasis on integrity are the foundation components our company is built on. The dedication and professionalism of our employees comprise the Empirical Labs' "Team" approach. While we stress individual responsibility and a team approach to achieving our goals and objectives, the underlying principle at Empirical Laboratories will always be a commitment to professionalism and ethical practices at all levels, in all phases of our business.


Ms. Sheila F. McLendon is a Financial Executive with over 40 years of experience working with dynamic growth-oriented corporations. She learned from the best in the business and has become a multi-faceted woman with a faithful desire and energy to take care of her employees and clients.


As CEO of Empirical Laboratories, LLC, Ms. McLendon provides leadership, guidance and support to Empirical's staff of approximately 40 employees. Her responsibilities include planning, organizing, directing and controlling the overall company operations including strategic planning/direction, policy management, information technology, business development, marketing, process management, profitability, budgeting, finance, accounting, client services, human resources, project management and laboratory operations.


She is proud of the fact that Empirical Laboratories operates as a fully independent organization, with no outside corporate obligations or control administered by a larger parent company. As such, they have considerable flexibility in directing its resources to meet client and project-specific needs.


Serving Empirical Laboratories since 1977, Mr. Davis serves as Laboratory Director. With his breadth of technical experience and expertise across multiple State and regulatory programs, he is Empirical Laboratories' expert in laboratory operations and serves as the true anchor for EL’s history of analytical excellence. He has served in the public and private sectors for many years and supported programs under DoD, NELAP and various State initiatives. His tenure at EL has fostered many long-term, established client and employee relationships for the laboratory. Mr. Davis holds a B.S. in Chemistry.


For nearly 30 years, Ms. McGinnity has exemplified a commitment to excellence in data management and environmental analysis. As Data Quality Manager, Ms. McGinnity provides oversight laboratory quality control practice, including coordinating analysis of laboratory proficiency testing samples, reviewing laboratory QC data and handling internal/external audits. Her proficiency with environmental methods and knowledge of Federal and State regulations and their applications make her an excellent internal resource and an important point of contact for our clients. Prior positions held at Empirical Laboratories include Lab Manager, Organic Lab Manager, Project Manager and GC/MS volatiles analyst. Ms. McGinnity holds a B.S. in Chemistry / Science Education.