Empirical Laboratories
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our quality systems program includes both quality assurance and quality control procedures. We strictly adhere to regulatory and program specific guidelines to meet the highest standards for data quality.

Quality Assurance Program: Throughout our technical, managerial and operational divisions, regular communication ensures adequate resources are applied to maintaining and updating our quality assurance standards. Our laboratory’s Quality Manual includes specifics and requirements as outlined by DoD, NELAP and other regulatory agencies.


scientist measuring environmental samples

On an ongoing basis, the laboratory’s Quality Assurance Officer conducts a comprehensive review of our quality systems. The assessments include information on the adequate use of resources, need for additional resources, training, areas for improvement and data quality issues. We continually monitor and manage our quality standards ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our data. Additionally we provide periodic training for all levels of management and staff to maintain awareness of all quality related responsibilities and requirements.


Request a copy of our quality manual by sending an email to qaprequest@empirlabs.com